The Steelman Staffing & Associates team can be an excellent resource for your Administrative  Accounting, Creative, and Technical positions.  You can consider us an extension of your Human Resource team in terms of sourcing, recruiting, staffing, and consultations.  Over the years our sister division, Crunch Care, has worked with employees at companies such as Qualcomm, Apple, Viasat, Thermo Fischer Scientific, Bank of America, USD and UCSD Faculty. We offer both short term Temporary Staffing and or Direct Placement Search Services.

Temporary Staffing Services

Most suitable for a shorter term or project based position.  The benefit is that the sourcing and employment expenses are offloaded to our team and positions such as these can quickly be staffed.  Additionally there is no fixed cost associated to using a Temporary Employee.  Our temporary rates vary depending on the qualifications of the role and length of the assignment we are staffing.

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Temporary to Hire Staffing Services

This option is effective if you if you would like to expedite or simplify an extensive Direct Placement search process.  This is appropriate when a company would like to evaluate a Candidate’s performance prior to buying out their contract or simply are not sure where the position may lead long term.  It is also viable option for positions that are being considered for future budget items, or simply need to evaluate over time.  Contract buyouts begin at 20% of annual salary.

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Direct Placement Search Services

Utilize Steelman Staffing & Associates as your Recruiting Department.  We fully consult and customize a search to meet the internal hiring goals within your organization.  Candidates are sourced, vetted, evaluated, and presented by our team through an interview process.  We assist in the offer and negotiation process and consult on long term retention.  We essentially act as a recruiting extension of your Human Resource Department and provide a replacement window on the position staffed.  Placement fees begin at 20% and can go up to 30% of annual salary.  For a deeper consultation contact information can be found below.

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*All placements include a standard background check by Sterling  including felony and misdemeanor check county or state wide when available, DMV, Social Security Verification, Sexual Offender File check and other background check options are available upon request for an additional fee.

Payroll Services

We can handle the administrative function of employing a Candidate for your company.  The benefit to this is that you are simply using a service vs. incurring the implications of hiring an employee on to your team. Please call our offices for more information on how to use this service.


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