Our nannies are perfect for a long term or short term placements and are placed after thorough consultation, evaluation, and due diligence. We represent and are always recruiting a variety of full-time and part-time nannies with backgrounds ranging from Education and Nursing, to life time career nannies that may part take in some household duties. We are passionate about ensuring that the nanny you hire is equally as passionate about what it is that they do, and will provide your child with a safe and nurturing environment.

Qualification of our Nannies:

  • Phone screen and initial assessment
  • In-depth interview application and behavioral assessment (Including contracts and disclosures)
  • Complete as many supervisory references as applicable, social media check reference
  • Gather credentials and licenses collected and verify
  • Check all Social Media accounts
  • Complete Social Media Reference Check
  • Review Criminal File Check (every 3 years), DMV (we do NOT take DUI or DWI)
  • Verification of employment documents
  • Request Appropriate signatures of applications and handbook if applicable
  • All Care Providers must complete and PASS the Domestic Provider Certification (DPC) quiz above our minimum standard, weighted test assessing development knowledge from newborn to high school age children and domestic interest and ability

If Applicant being considered for only long term placement the following checks are contingent upon offer. Should the candidate be considered for short term care or fully employed by Crunch Care they will have undergone this process prior to being sent out to work.

  • Trustline application if applicable (all offers to candidates contingent upon getting printed)
  • Complete Sterling background check including 7 year address history, OFAC (terrorist screening), social security verification, sexual offender screening, local county check, National (all offers to candidates contingent upon getting printed)

2018-2019 Salary Guide

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